Posted on Aug 09, 2021

Comedy Always Punches Down!

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In boxing, the taller fighter always has the advantage because punches that are thrown downward hit harder. The shorter fighter, on the other hand, is always fighting two fights: one against his opponent, and another against the heavy weight champion of the universe, gravity, which is undefeated, with a record of infinite wins, zero losses, and one draw against Jesus… In war, the side that occupies the higher ground has the upper hand because not only are they aided by gravity, which makes their position easy to defend, the elevation allows them to see farther in every direction and...

Posted on Jun 17, 2021

Why Write Satire?

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In the not so distant past, it was taboo in many cultures to so much as lay a finger on the body of a king for any reason. Sir James Frazer tells us that in the year 1800, the reigning monarch of Korea died of a tumor growing on his back though lancing it with an iron needle would've probably saved his life. Another king was suffering from an abscess on his lip and was on his way to share the fate of his predecessor, until, that is, his doctor made the fateful decision to call in the court...